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Let's Get Real...

You're spending hours creating content, and it seems like no one is listening (just crickets on Facebook and those annoying bots on Instagram).


It's time to scrap the perfectly curated content.


It's time to throw out the perfectionism.


It’s time to throw out everything everyone says you have to have that's really just getting in the way of your success online.


Here’s the deal: People want to connect with YOU and your brand!

"They want to see documenting not curated content."
Lauryn Evarts, The Skinny Confidential


Why Are We Releasing
The Program Right Now?

Do you:

  • Feel like your social media isn’t getting enough engagement?

  • Keep telling yourself you need a social media strategy, but never make one?

  • Get so stuck on being perfect you never post or launch?

  • Sit down and stumble over what to post until you feel it's taking waaaaay too much time and say you’ll put it off tomorrow? (Does tomorrow become next week?)


If you just cringed saying that's totally me, you’re not the only one!

We change all of that together in 30 days (instead of cringing or feeling frustrated about no engagement or new clients)

We have been working with our 1:1 clients to create social media posts with authenticity, sharing when they are the most excited about the content so there is a strong message and energy behind it and they are getting EXTRAORDINARY results.
And let’s just say this little marketing intensive we are going to take you through wasn’t by chance.

Here Are Some Results Our Clients Have Gotten In The Past 30 Days!

"I Had A 95% Increased Engagement On Instagram (Instagram Actually Emailed Me To Tell Me!)"
"My International Retreat Filled In Just A Few Weeks Because I Started Using KEY Social Media Strategies That Were Authentic To ME."
"New Clients Are Coming In The Door Beacuse They ACTUALLY Understand How I can Help Them!"
"I Am Finally Getting More Likes, More Comments, AND More Engagement. And Did I mention MORE clients?"
"I Am Spending Less Time Wondering What The Heck To Post! "
These results aren't ordinary, but neither are YOU.
So, the choice is yours.

You can continue down the path of not selling, not feeling like your true self comes across in social media, OR you can take just 30 days and learn how to truly be YOU when it comes to your marketing and effortlessly post.

    This Class Covers:

    • Freshen up & Improve your social media
    • Create content your community will love & engage with
    • How to show up on social media for the most impact
    • How to connect with your ideal clients
    • Learn the latest trends for 2017

    All the class details...


    Includes four training calls


    Video 1: How & What to post (and not spend hours doing it)
    Video 2: Social Platforms (where to be and how to post on Instagram vs Facebook)

    Video 3: Your unique brand. How to create content specifically for your community.

    Video 4: How to build strong relationships and turn them into paying clients.


    Worksheets with 30 days of prompt marketing activities or posts (We are giving you EXACLTY what to do every single day!).
    However, this is an integrative course, which means that the majority of time and focus is spent in shifting your social media and marketing efforts, rather than homework and watching videos.
    And of course we have a BONUS for you because if you don't tackle your MINDSET you may never move forward with your social media.


    Bonus Video:  Mindset Shifts For An Authentic Social Media Presence with Life Coach Kevin Oberhausen Value $197

    In this Bonus you will learn super-simple and quick-to-implement shifts to address the mindset behind social media so you can post easily and confidently every time.


    If you ever fearful when posting then this video is for you!


    Bonus Instagram Audits: 7 Recorded Instagram Audits as Case Studies for Prior Savvy Marketing 101 Graduates Value $197


    We keep it simple. Listen, watch and implement the techniques we're sharing AND it will work.


    It's that simple! 


    Your Investment Today is Only $97 (valued at $597)


    Honestly? That is half of the price of a typical social media audit (yes we are serious, this class is a steal)


    What's the catch? NOTHING.


    If you are seeking the knowledge of something better, more authentic, and more joy filled than your current marketing experience, this IS the next step for your journey as a savvy biz owner.


    If this information is resonating so far and you know in your gut that this class is for you, it would be a pleasure to share this information for you to start implementing into your own life so your marketing moves from the "I don't want to do this" to the "I love social media!"

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    We look forward to guiding you through unleashing the savvy inner social media marketer within you.


    Lindsey & Nicole